Many YouTube content creators have produced chronological recaps of 3301’s challenges, event summaries, other such explanatory videos. Despite not being true ‘documentaries’ in the same vein as Great Big Story‘s, these synopses are often highly beneficial to newcomers. The most well-composed collections are listed on this page.

Nox Populi

Nox provides proof of his credentials.

Prominent Cicadasolver Nox Populi, one of few ‘winners’ of the 2013 round, has produced various highly informational 3301-related videos. Visit his YouTube channel to find 3301 annual challenge overviews and relevant tutorials for vital topics such as PGP verification and the XOR operation.

Lemmino gives an overview of the Cicada 3301 phenomenon.

Popular content creator Lemmino walks watchers through the Cicada 3301 phenomenon with a well-sourced synopsis.