Official 3301 Outlets

Subreddit: a2e7j6ic78h0j
This subreddit was introduced by 3301 as an official outlet by way of final.jpg outguess in the 2012 recruitment round.

Twitter: 1231507051321

Known 3301 Tools


MIT PGP/GPG Keyserver

Solver Communication

Internet Relay Chat is a somewhat oldschool form of internet group messaging. In the early rounds of Cicada, many solving channels were formed and much progress was made on these channels. The #cicadasolvers IRC channel, created by BrotherBox, is essentially the sole surviving relic of this era. This de facto inner sanctum’s dwindling ranks (50-100 active members) represent a lasting bastion for true-to-the-book Cicadasolvers.

A more popular messaging and multimedia alternative to IRC, this solver communication channel of the gaming platform Discord houses hundreds of members. More newcomers can be found here than in the IRC.

A mainstream hub for newcomer solvers and those just beginning the 3301 journey.

Best Solving Repositories

This is the wikia put together by a variety of solvers as the puzzles were underway. A treasure trove of information, this repository is commonly described as having become chaotic and disorganized over time. Search the Wikia and this website before asking basic questions.

A work-in-progress attempt to reorganize the information found in the wikia. Project of Neuroretransmit and .Rayy.

Yours Truly
A reorganization of known material made by a very handsome solver.

Mainstream Entry Points

A good topical introduction to the Cicada phenomenon, but not useful for in-depth chronological/solving information.
LEMMiNO is a popular documentarian/ educational Youtube content creator with his own website, . The 3301 section of this website is well written and composed, and the Youtube 3301 documentary is quite informative.

Forums (Mortlach)
Mortlach’s forum dedicated primarily to Liber Primus analysis.

An old 3301 discussion forum on Some good but sparse information.


Shaping Reality
A collection of thoughts, ideas, and musings related to the nature of Liber Primus and 3301. Provided by Geomatria.

Github iddqd
An early attempt to create a central 3301 information repository.

Github idkfa
A dump of Liber Primus solving tools.