1. What is Cicada 3301?

Ostensibly, 3301 (also known as Cicada) is an international organization of individuals dedicated to the pursuit of digital freedoms.

This mysterious group has developed and released three annual rounds of advanced cryptanalytic challenges—The first in 2012, and additional rounds in 2013 and 2014. The third round has not yet been ‘completed’, as 56 encrypted runic pages released to the internet in 2014 remain unsolved (publicly) . The purpose of these challenges is stated to be recruitment.

2. What is this website?

This website is an attempt to organize and record the current/historical progress of the Cicada phenomenon—as well as to archive relevant Cicada-solving information collated over the years by the community at large. I (the website’s author) have no connection to 3301 , I simply wish to build upon the original Wikia creators’ archival work by creating a more easily digestible repository of reliable 3301 info for solvers of all skill levels.

3. What is the current challenge?

The collective efforts of the Cicada-solving community are currently focused on decrypting the 56 unsolved pages of Liber Primus. Liber Primus has been confirmed as the active challenge by 3301 itself.

4. How can I help solve Liber Primus?

To help solve Liber Primus, join the IRC or the Discord . These locations are where the majority of community collaboration occurs. Download the Asset Pak for all known 3301 items and the Tool Box for solving materiel. Do not assume any material on this site outside of the Asset Pack to maintain the original file attributes intended by 3301.

5. What happens if I ‘win’?


6. Is [insert hoax here] 3301?


Don’t waste your time on false paths. Always verify PGP 7A35090F . Some common fakes and misleading content: sevens.exposed, 1033adacic, tengri 137, pi.mobi, Clevcode

7. What is Outguess?

8. What is PGP / GPG?

9. What is RSA?

10. What is XOR?

11. Where can I find unmodified 3301 files?

12. Where can I find Liber Primus solving tools?

13. How many pages are in Liber Primus? 58 or 75?

14. Does Liber Primus have any promising leads?

15. Why do solvers emphasize PGP verification so strongly?